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Our firm practices California Administrative Law. Administrative Law in California is also known as Professional License Defense. Professional License Defense encompasses Business License Defense, Financial License Defense and Medical License Defense. Operating without a license, when a license is required, is a criminal offense. Operating without a license is also known as Unlicensed Activity, is a criminal offense. The following are common examples of Unlicensed Activity in California that constitutes a criminal offense:

  • Contracting Without a License
  • Land Surveying Without a License
  • Selling Alcohol Without a License
  • Unlawful Representation as a Physician
  • Unlicensed Automotive Repair Dealer
  • Unlicensed Day Care
  • Unlicensed Family Child Care Home
  • Unlicensed Practice of Accounting
  • Unlicensed Practice of Acupuncture
  • Unlicensed Practice of Architecture
  • Unlicensed Practice of Chiropractic Medicine
  • Unlicensed Practice of Dentistry
  • Unlicensed Practice of Engineering
  • Unlicensed Practice of Insurance
  • Unlicensed Practice of Medicine
  • Unlicensed Practice of Nursing
  • Unlicensed Practice of Occupational Therapy
  • Unlicensed Practice of Optometry
  • Unlicensed Practice of Pharmacy
  • Unlicensed Practice of Physical Therapy
  • Unlicensed Practice of Podiatry
  • Unlicensed Practice of Psychology
  • Unlicensed Practice of Real estate
  • Unlicensed Practice of Veterinary Medicine
  • Unlicensed Preschool
  • Unlicensed Private Postsecondary Educational Institution
  • Unlicensed Transaction of Bail Bonds
  • Unregistered Home Improvement Salesperson

California Administrative Law Lawyer

The majority of California Unlicensed Activity criminal investigations begin with the filing of a consumer Complaint. However, criminal investigations for Unlicensed Activity also occur through sting operations and criminal investigations. Investigations for Unlicensed Practice can result in either Administrative Law discipline, or criminal charges.

The California Office of Administrative Hearings, also known as OAH, maintains several Court Hearing locations. OAH is the Court venue for Administrative Law disciplinary actions. These Court locations are in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego. In some instances, Hearings may be held offsite in Bakersfield, Fresno, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Jose or Ventura. The Administrative Law Hearing is a formal Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The California Attorney General’s Office acts as the attorney for most licensing boards in California.

The venue for criminal charges related to Unlicensed Activity is the Superior Court of California. Each County maintains a Superior Court of California. Depending on the nature of the criminal charges, the prosecuting agency may be a City Attorney’s Office, or a County District Attorney’s Office. Individuals and businesses facing an Investigation for Unlicensed Activity or Unlicensed Practice should contact a California Administrative Law Attorney for representation.